who are we?

sports4love is the first social network for finding love through sport. You will be able to find your partner, in the certainty that he/she is the love of your life, thanks to the sports interests you have in common or are yet to discover, because the sports4love algorithm will allow us to put you in touch with what you are really looking for.

You will meet up with people from the application and, thanks to sports4love, you will make dates to practise your favourite sports, thus finding your soul mate.

why that way?

Love is passionate, it thrills, it is visceral, it seduces, it is pleasant, competitive, uninhibited, fun. You have to dedicate time to it and it sometimes requires effort or it hurts, but it yields it rewards, it makes you enjoy yourself, it makes you feel incredible emotions. Everyone can fall in love, everyone can choose the rhythm at which he/she lives that love, etc… Because in love there are an infinite number of tastes and sensations, just like in sport.

How curious it is that we can define love in the same way as we can define sport. The same words would be valid but why is that? It is because, in the end, both awake in us sentiments which are closely linked together.

At sports4love we realised this connection and we wanted to make is visible through our application.

We want to open up to the world and to people so that, thanks to us, they can find that partner, that love that they are looking for but have still not found or have not known how to look for in the right place.

  • All the sportlovers community will appear shown according to your preferences. You'll be able to see his/her profile and send a "like".
  • You'll make a match when you and the other person give each other a mutual "like". Moreover, you will be able to see the people who like you. Make sure you choose your matches well because these will be those with whom you'll be able to interact.
  • Be daring and send your flash. You will meet up with the first person from your match who accepts it for the sports date you have defined. Stay alert. Bear in mind that you could also be the first person to accept the flashes from your matches.
  • Chat and arrange dates with anyone you want from your matches.
  • A place where you can keep your dates in order. Moreover, you'll be able to make note of the events created by sports4love exclusively for its sportlovers.